Execu-Car of New Jersey is a woman owned company, established over 40 years ago with the intent to raise the bar on corporate and personal travel. We provide ongoing driver training, background checks, random drug tests and we exceed the NJ state minimum of insurance to 1.5 million. Drivers will arrive approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled pick up time to ensure you that the last, sometimes most important piece, of your ground travel is secured. With our new "green" initiative, much of our fleet are flex fuel, which is better for the environment and more cost efficient (a savings benefit to our clients). Whether it is a night on the town, your dream wedding or executive travel needs, catering to the client is what we are all about. Every car is stocked with complimentary water and snacks and your driver is always prepared for your trip with your comfort in mind. 

When making a reservation, you have the convenience of either using the online reservations tool, email to [email protected] or calling us at any time in your 24 hour day. Reservation confirmations are emailed and you will receive a text message when your driver arrives for your pickup.